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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Weather

Blustery describes it best at this point. After the initial fourteen inches we received another four inches on the weekend. Then on Tuesday morning we had a few hours of freezing rain which was quite treacherous. That turned to rain for the rest of the day, which turned into snow last evening and most of today giving us another six sodden (and sodding) inches and it is still snowing and blowing. Glad to be inside with my family and my spinning wheel. The animals are snugged up in the barn and a wee nip of B&B is calling.

This is what was hanging off the roof outside of the back door at my office...ready to jump the unsuspecting civil servant on their way home...I was boldly tempting fate by taking its photograph. Sometimes it has great big icicles on it too which makes you feel like you are stepping into a great big gaping maw....


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  1. We just have the bloody awful wind to contend with....sorry I will stop complaining