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Friday, January 11, 2013

Our Kickstarter Project Was Accepted!

I am very pleased to say that our Kickstarter Project was accepted and is now live!  
If you have an interest in the project it can be seen at:

We will be using the funds from this project to bring home Suri Alpacas who are in urgent need of a new home due to their farm going out of business.

Here is a short video clip of my recent visit to the farm (sorry for the quality):

We will bring as many home as we can afford to, as we have permission to build a five acre enclosure and construct a shelter on a farm just down the road!  Yay for green pasture!

The good news is....I think I have found a more suitable home for the Great Pyreenes Suki and Zeus!
 We were afraid they would get hit by car on our somewhat busy road since they were perimeter dogs. 
 I have met them twice now and have grown quite fond of them so this makes me very happy!