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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bringing Home Suri Alpaca's in Need

There is a wonderful man who owns an alpaca farm a couple of hours away from us.  Unfortunately, life circumstances are forcing him out of business and he needs to quickly rehome his remaining Suri Alpacas.  He has four crias (baby alpacas) and nine adult females some of whom are bred.  He needs to recoup at least a partial investment in his animals so he cannot just give them away.  He is asking very little money compared to their actual monetary worth.  Unfortunately, there are very few folks seeking to add these animals to their farms at this point in time in our area so he is left with animals that need a home within just a couple of weeks.  He isn't sure what will happen to them if he isn't able to sell them. 

We will be able to provide some of them a home at our farm but given the short time frame we are unable to raise enough funding on our own, so we are going to be launching a kickstarter project asap.  I will post those details if and when the project is approved.

Here are a few photos I took of a visit:

 Does she have food in that little black box?

 Almost the whole group of girls (plus one boy we found out!).

 Eric the alpaca wrangler and one of this years Cria's.  
Yes, that is a lasso!

 Creme (I think), Fiona, and an unnamed black 2 year old (she is coming home for sure!)

 I went to the farm to feel all of their fiber thinking that would make it easier to decide.
It didn't.  It was all fairly nice.

It's their faces.  They do me in every time!

I took a little video clip also; it is on the farm Facebook page
Come by and say hello if you'd like!

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