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Monday, August 27, 2012

Catching A Breath

The interesting thing about getting older, is that you start to understand those idioms you heard when you were younger, but thought were silly.  "Catching one's breath" comes to mind immediately and is a perfect fit to the past four weeks.

Vacation in New Hampshire was lovely as always.  We probably spent more time hanging out at Auntie Alis's and Grammy Jo's than in years past so it was a bit more relaxing. It was so bloody hot and humid there that we spent much of our time in the swimming pool at the kids request.  We took an excursion to Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge and the Kittery Trading Post in ME.  We did a little back to school shopping for Lila (she is getting into the clothes faze at 11 and 3/4), took in Ice Age 4, and spent a blissful hour at Barnes and Noble perusing books.  We spent a lot of time visiting with family and eating wonderful food.

There was a bag party, of course, and it was a rich one!  The kids were spoiled rotten (and still greatly enjoying the fruits of the bag party), as was I....Will put my anniversary present in the bag party and as I called out the "right" number, the universe granted me with my very own Ipad!  I have been sneaking in a few minutes here and there to try and figure out how to use it.  I was interested in having one so I could accept credit cards here at the farm and when out and about at Fiber fairs.  It works a treat!

The drive home was fairly uneventful, though long.  Trip casualties (there are always some) include losing Duncan's sandals at the Pimisi Lake rest area (he left them under the picnic table and told us when we stopped somewhere else hours away...), Duncan's brand new water bottle that Uncle Johnnie and Auntie Syl brought him from New Zealand was left in someone's car (see a pattern here?), all three kids ended up with swimmer's ear, and a stray dog got into our chickens and ate three of them (all three of them hens of course....all six or seven of the roosters survived).  Our farm sitters did an outstanding job as usual, though it is always strange to come home and have your stuff moved around and out of place!

I had two days home before having to head downstate for a three day meeting (and stayed up too late those two nights and overindulged in fermented grain beverages), came home for two last workdays and then a blissful weekend...or so I had hoped.  Before we left on vacation there was a critical work deadline came to fruition the Friday after the meeting and was due the next Friday (this past Friday).  This meant working some longer hours, though granted OT which is unusual, but many of them were spent at home sneaking in early morning hours or evening hours.  I was able to work from home, the library, and my friend Kristie's house (who is on vacation and I'm watching her animals for her....turnabout is fair trade!) to accomplish it.  phew.

In between all of that, the Schacht spinning wheels arrived!!!  They were assembled in no time flat and are beautiful.  I have really come to appreciate the skill and work involved in manufacturing those wheels.  Each wheel was assembled, test driven, and disassembled enough to fit into it's shipping box which in and of themselves are engineered to be sturdy and efficient of space.  Kudo's to Schacht.  Will loved the Sidekick, Sam was enamored of the Ladybug, and I love the elegant Matchless.  I think I want a Matchless and a Sidekick for myself...  I've sold the Sidekick already and have another on order so I have one to take to the Northern Michigan Lamb & Wool Festival at the end of September.

This week my brother and his daughters and my Mother arrive on Tuesday for a visit.  Tommy will take the girls to Copper Harbor for a couple of days while they are here.  We don't have any hard and fast plans, but will probably take the kids to the movies to see "ParaNorman", have a few campfires and roast some hotdogs and marshmallows, camp out in the backyard (in the new ginormous tent Will bought at the Kittery Trading Post), and some general merriment and chaos.  We may have to involve the grownups in a few minor work projects (oh, say, like a bunny barn, some new porch steps, and a shelving unit for the fiber fair). 

Art on the Lake is coming up this Saturday in Curtis too and the Ewe-per Spinners and Weavers have a demo tent.  Will and I and kids also help out with Fin and Fern the Giant Puppets at the art show; Will has been working Finn's body and I've been working a hand the past couple of years.  I'll try to catch some photos.

What else?  Baby bunnies are going to their new spinning homes, the Llamas need to be sheared, I need to order fiber and accoutrements for the Sept. fiber festival, two dolls to make, a business plan to write (for a possible venture with a friend...more on that another time)....  maybe October will be a good time to catch that breath. 

I guess I asked for it....

Pictures next time; promise!  :)