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Monday, March 30, 2015

Joey Ramone's Cat

I'm not sure how or why I came across this photo originally....

But Joey Ramone's cat sure looked a lot like Spotty Spock!



Friday, March 6, 2015

A Most Significant Day in Wales

Congratulations to John Gray and Dr. Chris on their wedding day! May your cottage be forever sparkly, there be a dog in the bed, may the Ukranian Village be in tip top order, and your beards neatly trimmed.
There is a mighty party in Wales tonight.....hugs from Michigan.
(Photo lifted without permission (but hopefully with forgiveness) from Going Gently)

Sunday, March 1, 2015


I chose to ignore February and look inward apparently looking back at my posts. The weather was snowy, cold and miserable. Enough said about that.

I've been knitting and spinning and dyeing a bit. A sweater and a lovely lacy vest. The sweater went to Lila who admired it as it was knitted up and I've started one for me in a deep red. The sweater looks really mature on Lila which freaked me out a bit! I suppose it had to happen.

March has me hopeful that the weather will eventually turn. A long look off from that carefully tended fire at Yule. We are getting almost ten hours of light now and have had some lovely if not bitter cold days. Sunshine is soul warming.

March is a month of work meeting and likely six overnights away from home which I generally don't like much. This does mean though some knitting will be done in those lonely hotel rooms and some reading. I'm re- reading the Diana Gabaldon Outlander series (to warm one up during the cold months) and have four more books to go. We've been watching the series "Chuck" through Netflix which has been great fun! No expected baby animals this spring which is a bit more relaxing though also dull. :). Will live vicariously through my friends. I've added to the Doc Marten collection which is taking up a dangerous amount of floor space! :)

Chicken stir fry is on the stove. I spent $7 on a whole Amish chicken that we had baked yesterday. Cooked down the carcass and had 1/2 gallon of stock. A quart went into the freezer and the other quart is the base for a savory potato soup for tomorrows dinner. The left over chicken meat went into the stir fry for tonight....three meals from a $7 chicken! :). Makes me feel quite thrifty.