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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winter Woolies

We have had a BRIEF warmup and now back to weather not above twenty again for the rest of the week.  We are being spared the snowstorm everyone is talking about in the midwest because we are far north of it.  Some of those southern Michigan folks do not deal well with extra snow!

This past weekend I spent a bit of time outside with the woolies.  Everyone was happy to be social on a semi-warm sunny day!
Twizzler says "hey boy, scratch my head or I'll eat your sleeve!"  Tea, behind, is certain the small black box I hold up in front of my face has food in it.  Liz and Amey are ready to run in case I drop it.
Tea quickly realizes she's getting nowhere with trying to mesmerize me so solicits head scratches from Lila.  I had no idea these ladies would be so much a pain in the rear  persistent.  I'm annoyed when they run off the sheep to have all the pats for themselves.  It's a good thing they are cute!
Even though the day is beautiful, the llamas prefer to stay in the barn.  Igraine is looking for stray bits on Sam's face (knowing that there are probably some there).  Igraine also decided Sunday night to pull my hair as I was switching frozen bunny bottles.  I dropped the wire bail that holds the bottle on (GRRRR!) and  since it was dusk-ish I couldn't find it and had to get another one from the garage.  Igraine is a bit of a pest.  Somewhat like the goats who also prefer to hang out in the barn.

The sheep, on the other hand, like to hang outdoors.  Elle and her daughter Gaia figured out they could get into the hay feeder because the other crosspiece on the end fell off.  They spend a lot of time there.

Liz thinks they are silly.  She is going to have to go into a size F sheep suit.  I can't wait to see all that fiber!
The whole sheepish gang.  Fallon, the wild one, stands slighty apart, unsuited to suits, on the right.  "Hey Nala, if you turn around we can play follow the leader!"

Nala- "Um, okay...where are we going?"
It amuses me that they use only this tiny well trod pathway unless spooked or otherwise excited.

"Geez guys!  Kick up your heels in the a little!"  Says the only boy in the barnyard.  Beltane is without the full assemblage of equipment however.

"Equipment?  What equipment?
Wee little Amey is the black sheep on the far left.  She is still too skinny even after worming and sneaking her grain.  She fits fine into a D coat width wise, though she will have to go to an E for length.   She is such a sweetie and I worry about her.
It was a good day to be a black dog soaking up sunshine.  Harbour Grace had a good day and she has been limping less on her bad knee.

CeCe always looks like she could use a hug.  She always gets them .
Waters, the lab mix, stayed inside.  He says his coat is too thin and he is too old to be outside for too long. 
Hedwig says she is too.  She'll lay on the fine literature, thank you very much, and stay warm.