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Friday, January 18, 2013

Coming Home

Folks may have noticed that our Kickstarter project has exceeded the goal we set!
A big shout of "Thanks" to Suzanne at Chickens In the Road for posting our project on her blog....her readers to date have contributed 68% to our project.

I continue to be amazed at the kindness and generosity this project has inspired.

So, without further ado.....

Say Hello to Creme de la Creme!

Fiona's 2012 Cria

Peggy Sue, Riverbelle and Fiona in the foreground

Double the Dazzle's 2012 Cria

 Star, Creme, Pearl, Ladybelle & Fiona 

There were 14 Suri alpacas in total that we brought home from the alpaca farm.  Five cria's (one who turned out to be a boy who will be neutered) and nine adults.  Of the nine adults, six of them are bred to a beautiful black suri stud. It is going to be a busy summer here!

The alpaca producer was happy with a down payment from us, and since we knew the Kickstarter project was going to be a go we decided to go pick them up.

There are still 17 days to go on our Kickstarter project.  

We have had questions about what we will do with the extra funds so I'm going for full disclosure. 
We had the option to buy some of the alpacas for $500 each, or the whole group for $5000.  It would have been very hard to choose who to take and who to leave, so we decided to take everyone because our neighbors less than a mile down the road said we could fence however much we wanted of their 60 acre pasture and bring the girls down there to graze and fertilize during the growing season.  This dealt with the pasture space limitations here, at least for the majority of the year.  The alpacas will live here under our constant gaze from October-March/April.  During the summer months they will be just a walk down the road with a companion guard Llama, and with daily visits from their humans of course.

Any extra funds from the project will go toward fencing new pasture and building a summer shelter for the alpacas down the road. Thank you so much for the support you all continue to give us, both financially and in encouragement.  We cannot thank you enough.


p.s. Suki and Zeus, the Great Pyr's went to a wonderful home yesterday so all the animals from the alpaca farm found good homes...just in the nick of time!


  1. wow, that's amazing! Can't wait to see pics of the SIX babies! What's the gestation time for aplacas and what the heck do you call a newborn? A calf?

  2. Eleven and a half long months.....a newborn alpaca is called a cria. They are due in beginning to mid June, and early August!

  3. I love em....they look like lamb-chop with a long neck.... Des you remember lamb chop?

  4. Only in repeats dear John!

    Now that you say that I do get the resemblance!

  5. The alpacas are beautiful and you and your family are wonderful for arranging to adopt them.