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Friday, February 1, 2013

Sunshine In a Box

This came in yesterday's mail!
A box of citrus from sunny warm Louisiana from Will's brother Danny. A much needed vitamin C boost in the midst of winter colds.
These were grown on trees that he planted from seed. The box was (was being the operative word) full of juicy sweet tangerines and there are four lemons in the upper left corner of the photo. I haven't ever seen lemons that color before! Most of the tangerines have already been consumed, a few sent off in the kiddy lunches today. We are saving the peels to make marmalade out of and I think I might try my hand at a lemon curd with those lovelies.....
Thank you so much Uncle Dan! Even more than the yummy taste and the vitamin C we needed to be reminded that it is warm and sunny somewhere.


  1. We got a box from FFA and thoroughly enjoyed it.

  2. How different is lemon curd from lemon pudding?? I have been thinking about making it myself. I do buy an imported from Scotland curd presently. (This always makes me laugh... can they grow lemon trees there??)

  3. Also , this is proof of how old Dan is, planted from seeds. hahahaha but with love from his baby sister.