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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Basket Making

Our friend Susan gave Lila and I a lesson in making baskets a few weeks back.  Susan and I will be teaching a class together in the winter using the "Woolworks" curriculum that Harrisville Designs publishes.  One change we are making to the curriculum is to replace rigid heddle weaving with basket weaving, since Susan is a maestro at baskets.  So, clearly I needed to learn how in order to help out eh?

I had fully intended to take photographs from the very beginning of this process, but was so enraptured with the actual soaking of the reed and weaving that I forgot.

I looked up from my own basket to see that Lila was more than half way up the sides so grabbed the camera quick to catch at least part of the process.

Susan is giving Lila some words of encouragement.  She didn't need many and took to it like a natural.  Lila decided on a "plain" market basket, and I opted for one stripe of dyed reed in mine- my basket is on the table in the background.

Here is Lila's basket- completely woven and she is at the staining stage.  She opted for a dark walnut color which surprised me a bit but it turned out beautifully.

She had a great time slopping on the took days to dry!  It now resides in her bedroom and is currently full of Audio books on CD.  Mine was stained a dark oak and has wool in it (of course!).  What an awesome skill to learn....thanks again Suze!

Friday, July 22, 2011

A blip in the Nest Box

Someone had an hiccup in the nest box! 
It was about the size of a Robin's egg.  It did have a yolk in it...I fried it for Will's breakfast.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ewe-per Fiber Fair- Finale

By all accounts the first annual Ewe-per Fiber Fair was a success!

People could get there because Judith and her husband Jim made signs.

The Chamber of Commerce was happy to advertise for us.

And I fixed the sign at the school.  Twice, because someone at the school took it down (two days before the event!)

Here are some of the vendors and their wares:

Woolderness from Hessel, MI

Winter Sky Wool Co., from Naguanee, MI
(I love the display!)

Hand turned wooden Yarn Bowls by Jim Engle of Lakefield Township

Triple R Ranch- Chatham, MI

Spinners End Farm, Curtis MI

Handwoven split reed baskets by Susan and handwoven shawls by Jane

Handwoven Rag Rugs by Carol- Engadine, MI

Lavender Cottage Quilt shop- Curtis, MI

Here are some photos from the Demonstrations:

Kool-Aid Dyeing

Wet felting around a plastic egg

Locker hooking a rug



Weaving on a table loom

Weaving on a triangle loom

Drop spindling
  I did a demonstration of spinning from a rabbit but no one took photos!   Too bad because Bigwig behaved so nicely on my lap and he is such a handsome fellow.

We probably had 100-125 people drop by and most people were very interested in the demonstrations and learning events, especially the children.  Not bad for a first year fair with little advertising exposure and we hope to reach a broader audience next year...we'll start planning MUCH earlier for next year.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bunny update

Peanut is under the delusion that she is pregnant.  She has not been bred!  She was the runt of last years Dalilah litter and she has one droopy ear.  She is lovely otherwise but I didn't want to breed her and pass that along so she just has to pretend!

Here are all the babies...running around and bouncing off the walls and their mother.  The picture is fuzzy because I was slapping at mosquitos.

I love the orangey color of the chocolate tort.

The Blue tort's coat is getting paler.  It will be interesting to see how the point color develop on these two.

And Dalilah's lookalike.  Dalilah herself is looking kinda rough in the background!  She is healthy but harried.