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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


We have the opportunity to adopt two trained and experienced Great Pyrenees guard dogs from the same folks that we received the alpacas from. They are siblings (a male and female both "fixed") that are six years old and would be outside/barn dogs. Our conundrum is wondering if they would be able to get along with our own dogs...Grace the dufus Newf in particular. They are living among three or four rat terriers at their current home.

Any advice from Great Pyr owners would be welcome! Or, if you generally think we are nuts considering adopting two more large breed dogs those comments are welcome as well...


  1. I've never owned one, but we did have one next door. They are great for protecting either property or animals, but do require very strict training and a lot of grooming.

    If you have the time, go for it.

  2. My daughter has a half Pyranees who was dumped as a puppy at their 65 acre farm. She knows he is at least half Pyranees, because of his odd feet and toes which are found only in this breed. He has a Pyranees head, the noble, dignified, calm demeanor which we all love. His name is "Cowboy" and he guards the rabbits, chickens, turkeys, etc. and has fought off coyotes, but gently carried a tiny Yorkie mix puppy he found in the road up to the house in his mouth! I love this breed! Unfortunately, the Arkansas oppressive heat is hard on big dogs--thankfully they have several ponds on the farm. He has had no "training", but instinctively seems to know what his job is!