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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dorothy's Cow

My first chore of the day, if I wanted cream in my tea (which being a civilized human I certainly did (I would have passed muster with Will's Nana Witt on that score at least)) was to skim the cream off the top of the fresh, raw milk I picked up yesterday from my friend Dorothy.

See the cream line? There is a pint plus of fresh cream up there!

Of course, I can't tell you Dorothy's last name, because in Michigan it is illegal to sell fresh unpasturized milk. There was even a court case in Wisconsin where the judge ruled it wasn't legal for someone who had a family dairy cow to consume the milk from their own cow!

Now I wouldn't drink raw milk from just anyone's cow....I've been to a few shoddily run dairy farms where I have wanted to be pasturized myself after leaving. And I have also been to some pristine setups where you could eat off of the barn floor. Dorothy's cow is treated like the royalty she is.

Dorothy's cow (a big Holstein named Bossie), produces anywhere between four and eight gallons of this nectar a day. We don't buy milk from her (since that too would be illegal). So we trade eggs from our hens, jam from our pantry, or fresh baked goods for milk. It all works out just fine.

The milk comes in gallon glass jars that have a sticker on them that says "for animal consumption only". Fortunately, under the scientific classification system, humans are classed under the kingdom Animalia so I am going to play naive if ever I have to address our illicit milk consumption with the authorities.
Meanwhile, I am enjoying my cuppa green tea with local honey and fresh cream.


  1. Dorothy's Cow- perfect short story title.

  2. Yummy,drink up!
    We have our own milk cow but I wish it was simpler for those who don't have the luxury to own a cow to drink what they choose.

  3. Sounds wonderful... especially the honey.