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Monday, July 28, 2014

Lamb update

Summer continues along at its own pace regardless of the whimpers of humans who ask it to slow down....

Standing hay monoliths at which wooly creatures will worship the idea of summer past....

578 bales in the barn, and another 400 to go upon our return from New England. I am steadily paying off my chiropractors student loans with visits to her office.

The "oops" lambs are steadily growing. This is Caol Ila with her mother Faola. She was the last lamb born and is a lap lamb. Snorgling is highly encouraged.

Despite looking black and white, she is a lovely shade of grey underneath, :)

Deja's twins; Roseburn and Daftmill. They are skittish and impossible to catch! They will come around eventually though. Roseburn is a dark blue grey and so far Daftmill is black.

I hope to find a wether home for hisself.

Ladyburn is as aloof and aristocratic as she looks. She too will succumb to the lure of cookies and scritches....she just doesn't know it yet.

Her mother, Nala, is a dear one so she can hardly escape her fate.

We check off our chore list, batten down the hatches, and enlist others to our cause so we may travel to New England to celebrate the life of Josie MacKinnon verra soon. We will join the rest of the far flung clan .....shortly.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The End of Lambing Season (again).

This morning, young Faola had a single ewe lamb.

I watched from the kitchen window until she got serious and then headed outside to watch closer up.

It happened pretty quickly and there was some serious cleaning up to be done.

Faola didn't let her up until she was completely clean.

By then the wee one was pretty hungry and started looking for some groceries. I tucked them into a jug and watched until the baby had her belly full and settled in for a well deserved nap.

Another Mull carbon copy! We will have plenty of flashy grey sheep. I love grey! It is pretty as a natural color and when over dyed with color it gets an unusual and interesting depth to the color in a tweedy sort of look.

My favorite markings are the backs of the ears! Eye spots. Warning coloration; "I can see you with the eyes I have in the back of my head!" Faola is best pleased.



Sunday, July 13, 2014

Deja's Lambs

Deja had her lambs this morning!

This cute little guy,

And this sweet little girl.


They have crazy facial markings and will likely modify to grey, like their daddy. Dark grey would be nice! Names will be forthcoming.

Ladyburn continues to grow and charm us with her grace.

It's a hard job. Must take more naps!



Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Playing Catch-up and Introducing Ladyburn

For some reason there are fewer hours in the day during summer, or so it seems. How can there be so many more things to cram into the day during the summer than the winter? We have been busy with all manner of small things here it seems and it has been tricky to catch a breath.

Baseball is done for this summer and Duncan is eagerly looking forward to next season. He had a great time and did a good job. I learned a lot about baseball in the process and ignored Will laughing at my ignorance for the most part. Sam is playing soccer through the end of July and Will is the assistant coach. The ages of players on this team is from 10-18! No disasters have happened to date between big giant kids and smaller ones (fingers crossed). The field is so darn big I can't get any decent photos!

Lila again went to the AuthorQuest writers camp and received the Anton Chekov award for short story writing. She was asked to come back and was pretty geeked about it all. She made some new friends and hooked up with some from last year too.

We went downstate for a family reunion, which was a lot of fun, and I met up with some cousins I haven't seen for ages (so long ago we couldn't remember meeting each other); this can happen when your mother is the youngest of 12 children! Below is a photo of my mother, my brother and I, and all our kids.

Someone caught a good brother-sister moment! :)

Then, Will's sister Mary met up with us to transfer her wee dog Leta to our care for the five days she was taking some teacher training at MSU in East Lansing. After her training, Mary spent another five days at our house spoiling us all. :) I managed to get a few pictures of Leta, but only one crazy picture of Mary which she might not appreciate being posted. This dog visit of course has led to increased kid requests for company for Grace. I'm not sure we are ready yet...

Mull's February trysts into the non-breeder pen are coming to fruition this week! Nala gave birth this morning to a beautiful white ewe lamb we have named "Ladyburn" in keeping with the single malt scotch theme this year.

She's beautiful with her wee pink nose.

(Nala says to go away)

She's a keeper.

Next up: the Ewe-per Fiber Fair is this Saturday and there is much work to be done to set up for it. I'm in charge of the vendors (and I am a vendor too) so will be at the school all day Friday and Saturday (and will crash Saturday evening). The next non-rainy day after the fair will be sheep pedicures, worming and dressing up in coats. I've ordered some tiny ones for the lambs. Next Tuesday Lila will be cutting off her long thick mane of hair and swapping for a stylish hair in he eyes type of cut from a salon. I think her hair might end up a bit curlier than it is now so it will be neat to see how the style turns out. I've talked her down from the dying the tips of the hair blue for now. (Shades of my latter teens appearing here!).

And.....two more ewes to lamb.