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Monday, January 21, 2013

Bringing Single Breed Wool Yarns to Market & a cool documentary about Seed

An interesting part of our Kickstarter experience launching our own project, was the discovery of other peoples very interesting projects.  

Two of my favorites are "Seeds", a documentary about the genetic diversity of seeds around the planet and the very real danger threatening this diversity (namely GMO's and three large chemical corporations who "own" the vast majority of our seeds and heritage).  Check out their very cool video HERE:  it gives you a preview of the movie and I cannot wait to see it! 

Ever wonder when you pick up a skein of wool at your yarn shop what breed of sheep it came from? 
There are very few brands of yarn that are from single breeds of sheep.  Many wool breeds are combined, or are of the ubiquitous (though no less lovely) Merino.  Wouldn't it be interesting to knit something precious from a rare breed of sheep?  Something uncommon like Masham, Soay, Gotland or Polwarth?

Karia from Kouture Crochet, a fellow Etsian, has a Kickstarter project where she is hoping to raise enough funds to do just that.  Please stop by her project page and check it out.  She has some fun rewards too!
Check out her project HERE.

Peace to all of you on MLK day (and every day).

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