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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Growing Up

Those new baby chicks are growing up and starting to look like mini chickens.

These photos were taken on Monday, which was bright and sunny and warm...summer finally.

Some of the chicks have feathered legs on the outside shanks, some have bare legs, and some have extra toes!

Based on wing growth rate and tail feathers I'd GUESS that five of the twelve are roosters.

Many of them are going to be a pretty gray like their daddy. Since these photos were taken they have gained many more feathers and are getting a little crazy.

"Chicken watching AND a massage! What could a kitty like better."



Tuesday, September 16, 2014

No Pictures Required

Deer mice are supposed to stay outdoors, but they don't know about that rule and regularly make a house appearance. Add five house cats to the mix and life can get a little more exciting; for all of us.
After a shower, and kitted up in my thick squishy robe and a turban like towel arrangement over my wet hair, I went into the kitchen to put on the tea water and start kid lunches. I immediately stumbled into a tableau involving three cats and a deer mouse looking slightly worse for wear. Now, I don't mind really if the cats catch and play with and ultimately kill mice but I don't enjoy watching it. Billy Bones caught him in his mouth and I decided this was my opportunity to catch the mouse in cupped hands and put it outside.
This is where things began to go askew.....Billy dropped the mouse and before I could scoop it up, it scurried underneath me as I was poised over the cat. My bathrobe was touching the floor, and the mouse decided the quickest escape route was climbing up the back of my bathrobe (on the inside)! I remember thinking this was an interesting predicament, and before I knew it the wee beastie was perched on my left shoulder. Not wanting to be bit, I calmly walked to the back deck outside and dropped the robe....the mouse hurriedly escaped my presence and I had a bit of a laugh. Fortunately we don't have neighbors on that side of the house!