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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fragrant View

This is the view from the end of our driveway facing northwest.  When we bought the house five years ago this mass of lilacs was one of the main selling points.  Below the window dormer to the right is a double set of windows that opens over a lovely enclosed porch.  Most of the bunnies currently reside on the porch and our computer and desk are in front of the windows.  There is a similar view that we see and smell while sitting in front of the computer monitor.
The unfortunate thing about such a lovely view is that it is so fleeting. The lilac blossoms on started to open mid-week last week and they are starting to go by already.  On the north side of the garage is another large mass of lilacs...they are in where the chickens have been fenced.  The chickens roost beneath them during the hot part of the day and we have seen them jumping to snatch low hanging blossoms to gobble down.  The sheep appreciate them as well we found out...especially the leaves.


  1. It is so beautiful!! lilacs are my favorite too!

  2. Our lilacs bloomed in mid April but we were ahead of schedule in Central Ohio this year. Due to cooler weather they lasted for a long time. I love them!