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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sam is Seven

Our Sam turned SEVEN!  I'm not sure how that happened.  Well, Sam said it was because the sun rises and sets everyday so everyone gets one day older when that happens.

Everytime he opened something he liked, he said "wow!  I can't believe it!!"

It looks like Grandma can't believe it either!
It wasn't a kid guest kind of day...the kids invited were either sick, or had birthday parties of their own that weekend so we had grownup friends (and Guinea Pigs in the cage) that watched Sam open his gifts. We had hamburgers, brats, homemade fries, hummus, guacamole and watermelon on the back deck.
There was cake too.

It is supposed to be an electric eel shaped like a Seven.  They aren't really green- they are gray but who wants gray frosting on a cake ?(and to be official they aren't even  eels as we found out doing a first grade science report!)

It may have looked funny, but it tasted good!

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  1. Hey, your Sam is a handsome little fella! That's too cute, and sweet, that he opens his gifts with such excitement! Looks like he had a wonderful birthday. Happy Belated Sam!