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Sunday, May 9, 2010

BAD Dog!

Our neighbors have a fish gut pile...evidently a perfume a dog cannot resist to clothe herself in.


  1. well the pictures say it all - and that last picture is saying "Go ahead, and when i dry off and you're not looking...

    He doesn't look happy at all about his fresh clean scent.

  2. Oh, man. One hitch with man's best friend. We appreciate some different aromas!Is that CC or Grace?
    Love. Face

  3. It is CC. Harbour Grace has never once left our yard even in the face of such temptation. It rather makes up for her other faults (ie. the hundreds of dollars worth of shoes she ate as a puppy). Waters was also part of this foray into aromatherapy but I didn't catch his hosing off on camera!