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Thursday, June 3, 2010

The little White Hen- Part Two

The continuing saga of the Little White Hen....

The chicks are getting wing and tail feathers!
Last we left, Miss Frizz had three chicks and two eggs that had been laid about a week later than the age of the last chick.  One of those eggs hatched.  There was a wee tiny black chick under her that had a funny bald patch on its head.  I assumed that was something that arose while incubating (our friends the Olsons' had a chicken that hatched with a bald head named "Tried It").  I put the dog kennel with all the birds (and the last egg) in an outside pen so they could get some fresh air.  Not long after, I heard a very plaintive peeping...I looked out and saw the poor black chick all bloody in the kennel.  I ran out and rescued it and made a mess of my shirt.  Its' whole scalp was picked raw and bloody around the back of the head.  I assumed it was going to die but used some wound powder to stop the bleeding and tried to calm it down.  It snuggled under my hand and we prepped a home for it which included  a stuffed animal to snuggle with.  I really expected it to die and Duncan said he wanted it to be his chick.  Oh no.... is a week later and it seems to be doing just fine!  Duncan has named his chick "Oreo".  I think it must be a Buff Orpington and Black Australorp cross.
He loves attention and won't leave you alone.

This is the chick Lila brought home from school (a barred rock and rhode island red cross).  Her/his name is "brownie".  I'm beginning to wonder if I deny the kids too many sweets.  NOT!
And to top things off, one of the speckled sussex decided she too needed to be broody and laid five eggs in the hay next to the hay rack where we feed the sheep and llamas.  I found her while wrestling a coat onto a sheep and either the sheep or myself stepped on her which scared the living bejezus out of me because I thought the squawking was coming from the sheep.  Sam and I made her a nest in the corner of the barn where she still resides.  I have no idea how long she has been sitting on those eggs!  I hope some of these chicks are hens....

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  1. Well, you have a productive little farm! Amazing.
    love from Maine, Mary