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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Barn Progress

What barn you may be asking?  The lovely 16x24 post and beam (with a lean to) that was started when we had some "Indian summer" in December.  The weather wasn't terribly cooperative since for handling thin sheets of cold sharp metal that are easily buffeted by the wind.  Finally the weather is not wet nor too windy.

Step one:  Barn frame sheathed with plywood in preparation for the metal roof.

This is the back of the barn...the side with the lean to for the hay.  The roof isn't so steep on this side fortunately. 

 View from afar...

This is actually step two, but I skipped it for the back of the roof.  The front of the barn has a pretty steep pitch without anything to stand on hence the strips of 2x4's that are securely fastened into the purlins.  Still....everytime there is a lull in pounding I peek out the door to make sure Will hasn't slid off the roof to make me a young (okay, young-ish) widow.  If the weather holds fair tomorrow the twelve foot strips of metal will likely be fastened over the tar paper.  I guess he will remove each vertical section of footholds as he goes.

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  1. He is so clever... and cute even if the photos don't show it! Love from Maine.