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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bunny Love

Well, I'm not sure it is completely bunny love...perhaps bunny lust!  We have three pairs of english angoras mated; Buffy and Blackberry Jellybean have a litter due on May 19th.  I didn't take any vicarious photos of the two together but Buffy is a fawn vienna marked tort and Blackberry a solid black. Their photos are in the column on the right hand side.  I'm hoping to get another fawn from this mating...Buffy is getting up there in years and I'd like to have another like her around. Her fiber is a pretty cream color.

Clover, a fine fibered blue eyed white (BEW), was paired with Iccarus the new boy from the rescue.  He is a german/english angora hybrid who also has BEW in his background and is a carrier for the gene (expressed by the white mark on his nose).  He has a really dense coat and it is the prettiest pale blue/gray so as to almost be white.  We will definately get some more BEW bunnies from this pair, if all goes well. Clover is due to kindle on May 31st.

Delilah (also from the rescue) is a solid black doe with a very sweet temperament.  She is paired with Bigwig Taffy who also is a sweetheart and a lovely chestnut agouti.  He has very abundant fiber, though you can't tell from this photo as he was plucked right down to the guard hairs last week!  They should produce some nice bunnies with excellent temperaments. Delilah is also due to kindle on May 31st.

We haven't had three litters at once before so I'll be building another nest box for the babies one of these weekends soon.  If anyone is interested in owning a pedigreed English angora from quality blood lines please give me a shout.  I price the bunnies so they are affordable to hand-spinners and 4H kids.  They take a fair amount of work to maintain so aren't for everyone, but if you have an interest or questions let me know.

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