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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

MORE barn updates!

Putting on the ridge cap

The roof is done!  (except for edge pieces)

The first board goes on the barn!  It will have board and batten siding.  We bought rough sawn pine from a local mill in Seney.  It was worth it to meet the cranky sawyer (who as you might expect was missing a digit).  The boards are eight, ten and twelve inches wide.

Sam gets to pound in some nails on his birthday.

There has to be at least one rope swing in a barn right?

And of course, a cat.  Ginger approves.


  1. Beautiful. I guess I better get presents in the mail. Sam looks so grown up!

  2. Hey - that barn is looking great! Can't wait to see it finished - love the siding!!

  3. Hi Folks and happy birthday Sam,
    very nice looking barn and sawmill people have that in common. the last one I used regular had an owner who was 2 fingers short of retirement.