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Friday, May 28, 2010

Field Day 2010 and Duncan's big Day

The Three Lakes Academy had their first field day on May 26- the day before the last day of school.  It was themed "wilderness survival" and all of the events were oriented towards the outdoors.  The kids learned how to make a fire using flint and steel and using friction using a bow, a stick and a board. 

After the stick started smoking the instructor put a few bits of birch bark in the hole in the board and blew the ember into some small flames!  The kids were amazed that friction could start a fire. Jon (the instructor) asked Sam's group if they knew what friction was.  Sam said "it is part of something".  Jon said "huh?" and Sam said "oh no, I guess that is a fraction".

Shooting a bow was another event.  They actually used real target arrows but everyone behaved pretty well and observed all the safety rules.  Jodi tried to help Sam.
But Sam really wanted to do it himself.  After a few botched attempts he asked for help.
Duncan had fun too and was more willing to accept instruction.
Other events included: making rope, a scavenger hunt to find things that did not belong in the woods (run by Will), and dry land fishing.  To celebrate the last day of school and the first full year of the Charter, we had a community barbeque and pot-luck.  The food was great and so was the company.  Duncan won a good citizen award, Lila was awarded "best reader in third grade" and made honor roll. I don't remember having an honor roll in elementary school!
There also was a bit of a celebration for those who were moving from Kindergarten into first grade!  The caps and gowns were so cute and everyone cooed at the wee ones in their green gowns.
It was actually a class of Seven, but one was missing as usual!
Duncan was a bit shy and wasn't sure what all the fuss was about but was very pleased about his Good Citizenship award.  Oh, and the "I'm a First Grader" pencil.  Hard to believe the school year is over!

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  1. And what a beautiful first grader he is... and I KNOW first graders. Looks like fun. Love, the Maine Aunt Mary