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Friday, April 16, 2010

Rescued Rabbits

Iccarus, above, needed some serious help.  His hair was so matted to his legs and chest that I couldn't feel his bones beneath the hair.  He had to be shaved from his feet across his chest and down his other leg.  He took it all pretty well and is a very sweet boy. (I had to buff up on my Greek mythology to figure out his name)
Dalilah is a very sweet english doe, who looks much like our buck Blackberry Jellybean. Her fur wasn't in bad shape at all.  Both of them appear to be in very good health and are well socialized...they just didn't get groomed much.  Lila is thrilled that the name she came with is so similar to hers....  Both of thee pictures were taken when they were younger and no so, ahem, bald as they are now....


  1. Oh, these little buns finally got a run of good luck. Personally I love bunnies. many people have their teddy from childhood but I have my bunny!!They looks so lovable... and spinable too!
    Much Love from Maine.

  2. Yes- they are the spinable type of bunnies! I have also had a soft spot for rabbits all my life....hence what I would now term a fleet of buns....

    Hugs from Michigan!