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Friday, May 3, 2013

Stealth Planting & Waiting for Lambs

Every fall for the past few years Will patiently waits until the spring bulbs go on sale for super cheap and then stealthily sneaks around the yard planting them. Spring is that much cheerier finding some spots of color where they haven't been the past year. He never tells us that he has done it so it is a sweet surprise.

I've been keeping a close eye on our white pregnant Shetland ewe, Nala. She is looking miserable, though alert. Not interested in treats, but getting an occasional mouthful of hay. She is our most social sheep and doesn't want anything to do with me. I feel slightly paranoid because it seems like there is a thin line between pregnancy toxemia symptoms and early labor. This is likely because I've not had a toxic ewe, so I'm probably fretting for nothing. She is restless, then lays down for a bit; goes into the shelter then comes out; stares off into the distance and lays down with her head extended. Her vulva is bright pink and puffy but no discharge. Poor thing....I'm sure it annoying having a human staring at your bum all the time. I'm giving her a break by using binoculars from the kitchen....and no, I wouldn't say I was obsessed...not really....

Pizza dough is rising and the beers are chilling. Sounds like we will be watching "Garfield".



  1. That single tulip is rather moving dont you think?

  2. What a great surprise. Flowers do help us heal from the trials of waiting for spring. I hope a healthy new lamb makes Nala feel it is all worth it too.
    With Love from Maine,