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Monday, April 29, 2013

Ponyo Soup and other oddities

On those days I just don't know what to make for dinner, Ponyo Soup is a favorite request.

Haven't seen "Ponyo" the movie? It is a lovely Japanese anime movie by studio Ghibli that Disney has somehow picked up the rights to distribute. It is very sweet and the mum in the movie makes this soup that is basically doctored up ramen noodles. Good in a pinch!

Busy this past week and into this week as well.... Had a relaxing and productive weekend doing chores around the farm. Spent a few hours at the field down the road where the alpacas will spend the summer trying to figure out where their pasture fencing should be placed.

This is a screen shot from Google Earth. If I was smart and knew how to draw on the photo I would do so but I'm not and you will have to figure it out verbally instead of visually. The top of the photo is north (handy eh?). We will fence in two fields which may be further split up. The first will be on the west side of the photo adjacent to the tree line and between it and the island of trees. It will be approximately two acres. There would be afternoon shade there in the summer.

See that finger running from the east side through the center? That is a depression in the field where there is a bit of a draw and it is slightly wet in the spring and the trees are apples and crabapples. The property owners would love to have animals in there to graze because haying equipment can't get in there and the grass "goes to waste" there. That area is approximately 5 acres. Bought three rolls of field fence today and need to pick up a bunch of posts and then we will start fencing in the west pasture splitting up both labor and funding. We still need to pick up a couple of portable shelters too. We also may be able to buy the hay off of this land if we can arrange the haying...checking into that.

We are on lamb watch! First possible lambing date is this Friday so I've spent much time looking at sheep vulvas wondering who goes first.....excited! In the midst of lambs the alpaca shearer comes (May 10th) which should be an adventure as we've no idea what to expect. Then the sheep shearer comes the end of the month and hopefully everyone is done lambing.

Busy work week too; climate change conference three days this week in Sault Ste. Marie (Michigan side), downstate today, and off part of Friday to take Mr. Gingerpants to the vet for a urine culture (oh joy).