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Saturday, May 11, 2013

More lambs!

Yesterday while in the midst of shearing alpacas, Elle decided to give birth to two ewe lambs. We quickly put her into a jug with her lambs and they got to work nursing. Both are black with some white markings mixed with gulmoget markings. Both very sweet.

Krunet sokket gulmoget ewe lamb...the first born.

Gulmoget ewe lamb with a tiny white mark on her head.

Today we were supposed to be going to Mackinac Island. Star line ferries gives residents of Mackinac County free passage to the island one day a year so we were all going to go over. Twenty minutes before heading out the door though, we noticed Zanzibar was in labor. Trip delayed.....she tried pushing for about two hours and was getting tired. The short chase it took to catch her exhausted her. The lamb was presenting normally but had a really big head. I helped out a little by easing his head out and pulling a little on his legs. It was a big ram lamb with huge horn buds! He is a flashy fellow.

Yuglet socket black ram lamb; his name is "Mull".

Ann here is Nala's ram lamb, "Rum", who is a week old today. He only has tiny bits of horn tissue which may be scurs (the tup has scurs). He is a trouble maker and bounces all over the place! He will have fun with the other three when they all get together....which won't be today because it is SN*WING. Cussing weather.


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