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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Deja's Lambs....the end of lambing season!

Today, in the midst of Sam Fin's Birthday party, Deja Vu graced us with the birth of solid black twin ewe lambs! We watched her laboring all day which culminated in her mothering up to Nala's ram lamb Rum. She cut Rum away from his mum and spent about an hour licking him and nuzzling him. When he started nursing on Deja I decided to intervene and locked the little bugger in a jug with his real mother away from Deja's prying ways. About an hour after this, Deja gave birth to a solid ewe lamb. She was eating the sac and licking away at her when the second arrived with little warning.....I cleared her face since I was there and then Deja cleaned her up. I moved them to a jug and re-joined the birthday festivities....thank goodness Will and my Mother were around to help out!

Better pictures later....their fleeces are longer and slightly looser curled but not dog haired at all....I can't wait to see what they are like. I need My friend Karen to come visit and help me with fleece evaluation!



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    1. I will be there on June 8th to help you look over everyone. Looks as though you need a white fibered ewe? I still have Ice available if you are interested? HInt.