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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Gaia's Mother's Day Twins

I'm thinking Mother's Day is the perfect day to have lambs!

I went out to check on Elle and her girls, and Zanzibar and her big fella and saw Gaia in the throes of labor.  We figured she'd go pretty soon, but I was surprised to catch her!

Warning: graphic photos to follow....

First, there was this!

 Then came some laying down and grunting and pushing. 
 At this point I went to the house to get Lila who said " I never dreamed anyone would ever ask me if I wanted to see a sheep being born."  To which I replied, "Really?  Have you met me?"

 Then, two wee hooves appeared!
 Quickly followed by a black and white head....
Followed by an entire slimy wet body.  At this point, Lila and I decided to go in and let Gaia clean off her baby.  I was gone for ten minutes getting towels and the navel dip and when I came back found this:

TWO almost identical lambs, one Moorit (brown) and the other black.  And they are BOTH rams.
Gaia and her fellows are doing well. 
Just look at their fleeces.....

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