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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mum's Day, no matter what your species!

Today's weather was rather nasty. Woke up to cold blowing snow, and the lights flicked on and off several times which led me to fill up several jugs of water to have on hand....just in case. Always works like a charm because we didn't lose power.

Around 4:30 I went outside to check on the maternity sheep. Gaia was in full blown labor. Ran inside to grab the camera and watched the whole birth. Will post those photos separately.

Gaia and her twin ram lambs! One moorit (brown) and the other black. Almost identical markings and consistent fleece from shoulder to britch. Horn buds on both I think....

Zanzibar and Mull (he is going to be gray!).


Elle's girls.

Will, Lila and Rum. One week old now.
The count stands at four rams and two ewes..four black, one gray and one moorit.
Only one ewe left....Deja we are counting on you to bring up the ewe to ram ratio!

Really? Don't hold your breath!



  1. A friendly black lamb that might be looking for a fiber flock? :-)

  2. Those little lambs are so darn cute!

  3. Proud looking Mums, and really cute Lambs. It almost makes me feel guilty that we're having a 'gigot' on Wednesday.