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Thursday, May 16, 2013

No deep thinking...just fluff

Elle's ram lamb...the first born.  He has very long legs!
He is a bit on the shy side.

This is his brother. His legs seem short in comparison, but I think more average.
He is pretty sweet and a bit goofy.
He looks a bit Ewok-ish.

" again?"

"Um...Mother...I have to tell you something!"

 "My Mother says I can't talk to strangers!"
Zanzibar's big fellow....his name is "Muckle Mull".
Zanzibar won't let me anywhere near him.
She is even more freakish as a mother.

One of Elle's girls.  The Gulmoget markings are coming out stronger now.

And then there is Rum.  Rummy tum tum.
He is a love. and a butthead. and a sneaker outer of fences.
and a chicken chaser!


  1. Oh I would just love to snuggle one of those lambs.

  2. Beautiful lambs! Nice post to read after the alpaca shearing day. SHEEP RULE!!! ;-D

  3. Elles ram lamb looks like the head gremlin Spike..