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Thursday, October 28, 2010

I brought him home....

I did it.  Two weeks ago when I was downstate visiting my Mom I brought home the five month old English Angora buck I had been admiring from afar.
 These photos are pre-grooming...he had a few mats around his mouth that needed to be dealt with but otherwise his coat is in great condition.
 I couldn't get him to look at me to get a good face picture...he just wanted to get down and run!
He is a BIG sweetheart!  If you turn him on his back he will just lay there and I could groom his tummy without holding him.  He goes to sleep in your arms laying on his back....I love him already!  The big problem is....I haven't come up with a name for him yet!

The past few days have been BIZARRE to say the least...we've been  under the weather influence of what is called a "Great Lakes Typhoon".  Massive wind gusts of up to 70mph- all those beech trees with beech bark disease are snappping just have to step outside and hear them popping.  We've been without power for two days.  All those candles that Dave and Sabra gave us when they moved have been put to good use!  Will and the kids went to the Big Manistique Lake for water...lake water for flushing and many jugs filled up at the flowing well for drinking and cooking. 

One rabbit hutch flipped over onto its roof (Lavender Brown was in it but is okay and was moved to the massive eight hole hutch), and the portable sheep shelters have blown over so the sheep have been granted access to the barn....they prefer to stay outside but at least I know they can get into shelter if they want to.  The llamas stand defiantly into the wind daring it to blow them over...


  1. The weather has been crazy here too but it sounds like its horrible there. Glad you and the animals are ok.

  2. Oh and he is cute. How about the name Typhoon? LOL

  3. I hope you get power soon. No water is a huge pain... is there school?Your bun is gorgeous. How about Oliver... like the olive branch ...proof that you will come through the storm. Plus Ollie sounds like someone who'd love a belly rub!!