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Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Woolies Beautiful Barn

This past weekend, the beautiful barn was completed!
 All the windows were painted, the door hardware put in place and the inside of the barn gussied up (more pictures for another day).
 I think I mentioned in another post that the french door and the multipaned windows were taken from a cabin on the shore of the South Manistique Lake here in Curtis.  Writing on the door frame says that they were made for J.Grondin in 1924
 The somewhat grubbier windows in the loft I found out by the road in Strongs Michigan.  They were in front of a small mom and pop motel that had evidently gained some new ones. 
 Most of the lumber- including the 4x6 and 8x8 beams are from a mill in Seney and are milled from local white pine.  A few of the larger boards on the front of the barn and the trim along the roof edge are taken from the Lakefield Township hall.  The town hall is owned by our old neighbors and the poor building is falling in.  Cathy was salvaging the tin on the walls and ceiling and asked Will if he could help out a bit.  Behind the tin were long old boards that she told Will he could have for helping her.  They are from 1907.
 We had the perfect weekend to wrap it up- as you can see by the overexposed photo is was sunny!
It was also in the mid 60's which was perfect for painting. 

 I even painted the trim on the chicken coop which improved its appearance greatly.
 Will made all the door handles and latches from scratch.
 The view from a distance.  Those ugly blue tarps covered the tomatoes on the frosty evenings that we have had.  I think they are goners now!
Many heartfelt thanks to all who donated materials, time, food and hard labor...we couldn't have done it without you!  And thank you especially to my indulgent husband....I love you.


  1. Now wait a minute...why don't *I* have a barn that looks like that? Why do I have to live in an ordinary metal barn? I want a barn like yours. I am coming to live with you. It's clear that my lady doesn't know what the requirements are for proper animal housing. This is exactly what I ordered. Please have my favourite treats ready for my arrival. :)
    **Lucky Nickel**

  2. Wow, and the story makes it even better. Barn Beautiful.

  3. This is awesome!! Such character.

  4. Oh my, seeing it completed brings tears to my eyes. It is truly a beautiful structure !! And so complete. I fear, though, that the chickens may be jealous. I am so glad that you painted their coop trim too. So many cozy sheepies and lamas this winter...letit snow; let it blow. You guys are awesome !!!!

  5. Love, Love, Love the new barn!

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  7. We think that your barn is beautiful - we were wondering what dimension rafters you guys used? We live in Northern Wisconsin and we're hoping to build a timber frame barn very similar to yours by Spring. Any details about the barn's specs would be wonderful! We're trying to figure out what spans and loads would work for the materials we have on hand.


    Ben & Hilary

    P.S. I'm a spinner too, I'm going to take up reading your blog! I think your Shetlands are lovely; I'm hoping to start a small herd of my own.