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Monday, October 25, 2010

People Post

For those of you more interested in the People on this farm  (strange though you are) here are a couple of photos.

This one was taken by Sam- Will has been captured in some very goofy poses this year but that never seems to phase him when he starts mugging at the camera.... (I actually like this one a lot!)
For example....when sister Mary gets out her camera, just look what happens!
I took this one last week...couldn't find him anywhere and then I walked into the living room....

He SAID he was trying to fix the damper.  I think he may have been trying to escape.

Yesterday there was a puppet show that the fourth and fifth graders put on at the Erickson Center.  Our friend Ruthette worked with the kids for ten sessions and each child made their own puppet and the class culminated in a performance last evening.  Lila's puppet is Autumn- she is the blonde on the far left in the photo.
Will had control of the camera for the evening...until the batteries died that is- neither of us thought to pack any extras either.  So, we didn't get any performance shots but he took a slew of photos prior to the show beginning.  The one below is of us getting ready to leave the house, and since I'm getting to choose them I picked the one that shows off the wee Wren in all her glory.  She is starting to look so grown up....

We still have the boys...honest...the proof is in the mess around the fireplace!  


  1. These pictures are fantastic. You and your family are just beautiful! :)

  2. Thank you... love photos and explanations!!

  3. I wrote comments but they are not here. These pics made me laugh. The baby boy bunny is Beau. You could call him Tres Beau, but it would sound too much like a Palin baby name. But poor Lavender Brown getting blown over by the big wind.

  4. Oh AND the portrait of you and Miss Lila is so lovely. The puppets rock !!!!!