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Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Beasties

Beasts of another sort are the subject of this post...
 This Samhain / Halloween the Curtis Community Ladies Aid sponsered a "trunk or treat" at the community building.  For those not familiar with the concept, cars line up with their bum end facing out and open their trunks/tailgates with their offerings and the wee beasties come by with their trick-or-treating pails begging for treats (or tricks).
 Lila was a vampire.  She designed the bat headpiece and I made it for her.
 Sam decided to wear a costume that my Mom bought last year the day after Halloween for cheap.  They had fun playing with them all year and it was great to not have to buy or make another one this year!  It has been way to busy....
Duncan decided he would wear the Dragon costume.  We watched "How to Train Your Dragon" recently and he received the DSI game for his birthday (thank you Aunt Bonnie) so he's had dragons on his mind lately....I think this might be a "Night Fear"...maybe not dark enough though.  I believe this costume came from Aunt Mary's that right?  Did you make this costume Aunt Mary for the wee Krister?

On another note, Will took Grace (the two year old Newfie) back to the vet to have her leg x-rayed.  She had been limping for a bit and we went at the beginning of August to have her checked. She was given some pain meds/anti-inflammatories and we were to bring her back for the xrays when we got back from vacation.  Well.  She has a torn ACL on her right hind knee.  The vet recommends surgery downstate at veterinarian surgeons office- $2500.00.  Gulp.  I hope one of my kids decides to go to vet school (on a scholarship!).  That's a lot of egg money.


  1. cute outfits

    do you have a picture of the newfie? vet bills are so expensive..

  2. I did make a dragon costume but not that one!! They all look so scary. I like the trunk or treat idea. Poor little Gracie. Perhaps the vet knits??

  3. You could try a hot wrap of cloth soaked in hot castor oil on that dog's leg. Some old flannel or felt soaked in hot castor oil and wrapped around the leg with another rag...leave it on for as long as possible. Hot but not burning of course....

    The trick or treat kids are pretty scarey !!! Yikes. I hope they got some candy as their little pumpkins look empty...\\

    In the rabbit line up over there> : Is Clover the new young white buck? Looks innocent and precious enough to be a baby bunny....