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Friday, October 22, 2010

Wool Roving from Zeilenger's!

Last week I headed downstate for a meeting in St.Clair and I just happened to be passing Zeilenger's wool Company.  I had several bags of washed wool in the basement and decided it was time to have someone else process it since there was no way I could work through all of that with my drum carder.  All of the wool is Shetland.  White front center is Nala, going clockwise, the silvery black is Elle, Deja and Petrucio, The dark oatmeal is Cameo, the pale grey is Fancy Pants combined with 20 percent angora (from Blackberry, Mocha and Spice), and the brown is Liz and a bit of Beltane.
I've been spinning the Fancy and Angora is wicked soft.  The Cameo/Oatmeal colored roving is a dream too.  I have a bunch of it and will be putting some up on my Etsy site soon.


  1. Wow that looks fabulous. Maybe I'll try them out next time. They got it done quick too. Have you ever used Stonehedge?

  2. It all looks sooooo beautiful! I've never had roving or top made from my fleeces, and I would love to do that someday. Because I have zero storage space for fleeces, I have to put an emphasis on selling them once they are skirted. Becky Utecht has her combed top made at Zeilenger's and it turns out beautifully. That'll be the place I send off my first batch when I finally do it. Have fun with all the nummy fiber!

  3. I'm thinking about sending some fleeces to Zeilingers. I have a local processor who is great but really rather slow, and I'd like to have some faster processing done. I'm curious as to whether they can do an acid bath for some fiber that has heavy VM. Do you know if they will?

  4. Zeilengers is great. I don't know if they do an acid bath or not...I am having some heavily VM contaminated wool made into combed top- evidently all the VM magically goes away...due to the combing I presume? I haven't tried Stonehedge- I know it is closer to us timewise, but Z's is just off the highway on the way to my Moms house so it is more convenient. I was getting desperate for storage space too!