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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gazing at Freighters

I had to come "downstate" to a meeting being held in St.Clair and on Harsen's Island for today and tomorrow.  Today's portion was at the St.Clair Inn on the St.Clair River which runs from Lake Huron (and the Soo Locks) down to Lake St.Clair which connects to Lake Erie (someone tell me if I screwed that up...I don't have a map in front of me).  It has been rather distracting though having freighters, larger than life, pass in front of your eyes.  My room also overlooks the river though it is getting hard to see them now and read their names.  So far I have seen the Tregurtha, CSL Niagara, Walter J. McCarthy Jr., Canadian Provider, Calumet, Manistee, Federal _____, and the Indiana Harbor.   Below is a photo of the Manistee sailing under her old name. She's a cutie and was built in 1943.
My hotel room is pretty swanky....the bed is queen sized and (I kid you not) is a canopy bed of the wooded variety.  Not bad, though it has a mirrored headboard which reflects off of the long mirror set opposite the bed on the wall....probably a room meant for (ahem) more than one person.  There is also a TV set into the canopy at the end of the bed (which makes me think maybe the mirrors are for just checking your hair after all) and recessed "reading" lights at the head of the bed in the canopy.  I shall try them out after tucking myself into bed with Terry Pratchet  one of  Terry Pratchets books. (Eric).

However first I shall turn on the idiot box to renew my belief that there is nothing worth watching on TV while carding some wool.  Yes, I brought my drum carder along.  I also dropped off some fiber to be processed into roving at Zeilinger's Wool Mill on my way down and will pick up five bags of roving on the way home!  I  left 18 pounds of raw wool to be made into combed top and two bags of llama fiber to be cleaned picked and dehaired to save my sanity.  The last two will be done in 6-8 weeks.

Finally, if you noticed that there was a previous post that I removed, you aren't losing your mind.  I did take it down by request but will re-post it at a later date.  Thank you Lucky Nickel for your lovely comment- I'll have the cookies waiting for you!

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  1. I'm jealous of the freighter watching you are doing!