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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Destined for Bordeaux

 Surprisingly, I was contacted by a lady from France who wanted to be a CSA shareholder this year.  This yarn is destined for Bordeaux! (the photo is a bit overexposed....)
 The yarn was spun from fiber from Elle and some of what I had left of Petrucio...where did he go?  Read his story HERE.  Petrucio had an intermediate type fleece which added length and spinning ease to this yarn (softness as well).  Elle is a single coated  fleece which is extremely soft and crimpy and she added much of the softness and body to the yarn.
I really like the way that the skeins look, but center pull balls are much more practical for knitting!  This is what a full pound of bulky weight yarn looks like at the end.

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