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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mulling it over....

 This is a twenty week old english angora buck that is for sale at a farm down by my Mom's place.  I was thinking it would be nice to have an unrelated buck to mate to a few of our does.  I think what I'd like is a tort (ee gene) or a dilute bunny (dd) to get some "interesting" colors into our bunnies.  The lady that has the buck said she didn't know what color to call him so that got me thinking.  I asked to see some photos of his mum and dad.  His mother is a pearl- her parents were both torts so she must carry the ee or tort gene.  However, she doesn't look like a tort! Digging back into her pedigree a bit I found that one of her grandparents was a chinchilla, so evidently she inherited the chl gene.  The wee bucks father is a blue tort.  From a long line of torts...but wait- there is a pearl in there as well. 
I emailed Betty Chu and asked for her opinion...she says he is a chocolate tort.  She was reticent on all my other questions however.  I'm assuming that the chl gene has lightened things up a bit - he isn't a very dark chocolate and his body fiber is almost white instead of the creamy tort color.  Would he pass along his chl gene and lighten all his offsprings coats without passing on the dd or dilute gene that he likely carries (there are blues and lilacs on both sides of his lineage)?  He's cute isn't he??


  1. He looks like a chocolate pearl to me. EA are harder to tell, since their wool color is dilute, but all the chocolate tort EAs I've seen had cream to golden tan wool. In these photos, his wool looks almost white.
    A pearl is also "ee".
    Does the sire have REW in his background?
    If he is chocolate pearl, then he'd be
    You will not want to breed him to agouti patterned does.

  2. Cute bunny. Those bunny gene colors sound even more complicated than Shetlands. Have fun figuring out what he is. :)

  3. I am a bit upset by this post because now my lady is all googley-eyed about your rabbits and she is staring very intently at Blackberry Jellybean. She is only supposed to pay attention to me! She says she only has tan coloured angora bunnies here and she would like some other colours for spinning. It's quite silly. She clearly needs more goats instead.
    Lucky Nickel.
    p.s. Please try to limit your bunny posts or put them in a secret place so my lady doesn't see them!