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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"Thinking Day"

I was under the impression that this was an everyday thing but whatever....

Lila's Girl Scout group, along with ~20 other troops, had an event this past weekend called "Thinking Day", which consisted of each troop setting up a table or two that was themed to a particular country. Each country needed to display the basics for each country; culture, food and a craft of some sort.

Lila's troop chose New Zealand' which was a happy coincidence since Uncle Johnny and Auntie Syl live there.

Here is what their table looked like. On the far left, you will see some skeins of Stansborough grey (a sheep breed only found in NZ) yarn that I spun, an Ashford drop spindle (made in NZ), a SwanDri pullover (we have he and she versions that were a delightful wedding gift from Johnny and Syl), and in front my Ashford Joy spinning wheel. I went along for the ride and did a spinning demo. Further along the table were some chocolate chip biscuits, kiwi fruit, candy from NZ and an art activity that was primitive ferns drawn in chalk.

The girls dressed in summery clothes and had Maori "tattoos" painted on their faces. It was a fun day. I only had one altercation with a snotty little girls scout who kept putting her foot on top of mine and pushing down hard on the treadle while her mother looked on, smiling.... But the funniest happening was that one of the girls in our troop went and visited the Egypt table and brought back a little sample of couscous in a plastic cup. I asked her what it was and she shrugged her shoulders and said "I don't know, they told me it was goose poop!"


Kids growing up in the U.P. live a culturally sheltered life, unless you count Finlanders, so this was a good experience.


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  1. Oh my how beautiful and fast Lila is growing up! I must say, I will never experience couscous quite the same I will always have a funny smile!!
    Love, Mary in Maine