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Monday, February 18, 2013

Foggy Winter Morning

We have had such an interesting winter this year.  I can't think of any other polite way to describe it.

I do like the foggy days best though,when it is hard to distinguish where the ground ends and the sky begins.
We've had a couple of those this year and I captured a bit of one when out doing chores one morning.
Though it is hard to see the landscape due to all the camelids occupying it!

A few of the nameless alpacas have names now....Night Skye is the larger black suri, and the small white one in the front is Paja Rita (little bird).  She is a sweet thing!  
Pikachu, the white llama likes hanging out with them.

This little one, Fiona's cria, still needs a name.  We are open to suggestions!
Her fiber looks brown on the surface but is black at the base.

She has a sweet little face and is quite friendly.
Her mother is bred to the same sire so we are hoping for another dark baby from her.

 The weather warmed up a bit so I was able to shear a few bunnies too!  Everyone outside was blowing their coat but we had so many sub-zero temps I was afraid to cut them down.
This is Daisy; she is an English angora that I took is as a rescue bunny.  She has a nice dense coat and is easy to shear and pluck.  She is one of the two indoor bunnies we have currently. 
She was quite pleased to get rid of all that fiber!


  1. I'm having the same issue with the coats blowing and it is freezing here. I'm taking off a little at a time resigning myself to the fact that there will be waste in order to keep the buns warm. Maybe they know that spring is coming...

  2. Oh what a beautiful English Angora Rabbit ! We had them for year and I use to be grooming them forever and blow out their fur for the fairs.Very sweet and yes they love a nice pluck it just comes off easy when they are ready. Glad I found your blog :)