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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ste.Valentine's Day Mishap

One of the side effects of middle age is that a bottle of Champagne, purchased to celebrate the rebirth of a New Year, can sit unopened in the refrigerator since the turn of said year.  We had intended to imbibe but one of us had a cold, and then we thought we'd open it to celebrate the coming of the alpacas and one of us was tired.  So, Valentines Day rolled around and I had brought home a fruit of the beloved Pomegranate and it seemed like fate....

The clothes are in the washing machine.


  1. I thought is was going to explode! LOL

  2. Was that my Sam by any chance? Or his understudy? So cool...I did not know pomegranate seeds would rise and fall like solid red bubbles...very pretty. I bet they scattered well in the spill too!

    Blowing like crazy here & it has been snowing all day. Bring on the daffodils please!