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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fiber related goodies

This is not your dietary type of fiber.

I've been working on the Kickstarter rewards for those folks that are backers and chose to accept a reward. The project ends tomorrow!

The cards are stamped using stamps that I hand carved using Moo-carve (cuts like butter is the slogan) based on wooly animals we have here. Upper left is the new stylized Suri alpaca. I'm going to try for a more realistic rendition next time. In the box are various "flavors" of felted wool soap (lavender, oatmeal and almond, sandalwood, and goats milk soap).The wool is wrapped around the bar of soap, heat and friction applied and voila, a nice scrubby wash cloth permanently wrapped around your soap. Tis a fun project that the kids have been able to help with.

Here are some skeins of wool I've been working on. They include Gotland, Shetland, alpaca, alpaca & polwarth, Romney and blue-faced Leicester. I think I have 12 or 13 done so far. I got tired of spinning alpaca and switched to Shetland top for a slightly bulkier lofty yarn. Variety is nice!



  1. never seen felted wool soap, love the idea!

  2. Love the cards and that you are talented enough to make them (-:

  3. I ove te cards too....very classy

  4. What is felted wool soap? Love the block prints !!! And the beautiful yarns too!