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Monday, September 27, 2010

Purely Pygora Post

The apples are falling off the trees here in the Eastern U.P.  I brought this bucket of drops over to the fence in order to pitch them in to the woolies.  Twizzler says that everything on the other of the fence tastes better.

 I wanted to get some full-in-fiber photos because later this week both Tea the bearded wonder and Twizzler will be shorn!  You might notice some windows in the barn in the background, but don't look too close because they haven't been painted yet.  They will all be that pretty red .
 Tea poses pretty for photos.  She knows exactly what is expected of her and as long as there are some head scratches in it for her she gives it to you.
 Twizz on the other hand would just like all of your unconditional love thank you very much.  When she finally decided to leave me alone I had to follow her around to try and get a full body picture.
 "See my pretty curls?  I think they will keep me warm all winter...but that lady with the camera said something about a haircut and she kept running her fingers through my long silky curls with a glazed look on her face..."
 Look!  They even have lots of curls on their heinies!

Oh I can't wait!  More bags of fiber.... I didn't pick a very curly spot to take a picture though...this is a photo of Tea's rump.


  1. They sure are pretty. Any snow up there yet? LOL

  2. You do have very lovely goats, even though they are not *quite* as lovely as meeeeeee!!! Hee hee hee! My lady helped me do a post about my fiber after you asked about me being an A, B, or C. We don't know what I am. We hope you might be able to pop over to the blog and see what you think. When I was born I just had regular white fur like a pygmy goat, but in the last few weeks, both Horton and I have put on some fluffiness and Horton's is getting curly tips. We were both born in April but he is 2 weeks older than me. Anyway, Claire thought we were not going to have any fiber even though I am pygora and he is nigora, but now we seem to be getting it and she will not stop touching me! How funny! I'm so glad to have seen your goats.
    Goatie kisses from Lucky Nickel!