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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Beet Dye

Last weekend we cooked up a big pot of beets...some were pickled and a few quarts frozen for mid-winter bliss.  It seemed a shame to waste that pretty purple water so I added a few teaspoons of alum and a couple of mini-skeins of yarn to experiment with.  The skein to the left is white cormo and the skein to the right is light gray Shetland.  I simmered the yarn for about fifteen minutes and then let it soak for a couple of hours in the beet juice.  After dumping the juice out I rinsed the yarn until it ran clear-ish, and then soaked the skeins in some water with a bit of vinegar in it.  I then rinsed the yarn until it ran clear.  The skeins turned out pretty cool- I really like the dusty rose the gray turned.  I'm not sure how color fast they might be so I think I'll hang a strand of each in a sunny window to test that out....  The next pot of beet juice I'll be freezing and saving for a later date!

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  1. Nice. Have you tried osage orange? Use the sawdust and simmer them in water until it is yellow and then strain the wood particles and do the same as above.