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Thursday, September 23, 2010

More and More Barn

This post is overdue, but each day when I come home there is more and more barn there.
The front and side walls are on, and you can see that the sides are completely closed in too!
Closing in the sides meant putting on two large doors on each side; one big wood barn door and the other a dutch door which will be nice for ventilation.  The reason I said the post was overdue is because I was out of town for three days this week and when I came home not only were the barn doors on, but all the square holes were filled in with windows!  The front door hole is still vacant- it will hold a set of french doors (which will be closed off from the animals since they are glass).  The windows and doors came from a circa 1920 cabin on the South Manistique Lake that was being remodeled and we bought them cheap- $125 for all four windows and the door.  This weekend I need to scrape and paint the window mullions and the frames...they are a pretty dark red color and I was able to color match some paint.  I'll post pics after painting, or maybe some before and after pictures.


  1. Hi Sherry, I found you through CITR. Love the barn and the fact you're using old doors and windows.

    I grew up in the Eastern U.P -- Pickford. We spent a few summers in Curtis when my dad was a welldriller.

    You're the first blogger I've found from the eastern side :)

    Now, off to read the rest :)

  2. Cool use of antique parts with history. Barn is just going to be ready before the snow flies.

  3. Your place is coming along nicely. Are you coming to visit when it is finished. Wild and windy here in the other hemisphere. Involuntary firewood to cut up when I get home about 13 Oct.
    Captain John Kidd