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Friday, September 24, 2010

Yarn for Susan

This yarn is going to a lovely home in Washington D.C.  Susan is one of my yarn CSA shareholders for 2010.  Starting at the in your face six o'clock position is yarn spun from Sheltering Pines Fallon.  She is a double coated shetland that I would describe as crazy "Independent".  Her fleece is quite lovely- a dark silvery taupe.  I enjoy spinning those long fibers mixed in with the softer undercoat- this fiber flies from your fingers under the wheel!  Going widdershins (or counter clockwise) is yarn spun from Triple R Ranch Cameo.  Her fleece is more intermediate in type.  She is a white sheep with large patches of fawn/mioget.  Carded all together they blend into a lovely dark oatmeal color.  Cameo's fiber is very soft and a dream to spin.  The white yarn is from Firth of Fifth Nala.  She has a very springy fleece- lots of crimping at the base that ends in tight curled tips on some areas of the body.  When I bought her she was described as having a great personality but not a very nice fleece.  She DOES have a great personality and loves to get pats and hugs and wags her tail in appreciation.  I also like her fleece- it may not be the finest fleece available but it is very springy and soft and shorter in length than the other two sheep described above.  I blended Nala with some Jersey Wooley fiber from Pipkin- a bunny that was in need of a new home.  I wasn't looking for a Jersey Wooley but she is the cutest little thing...and she was going to end up in someones stew pot...  But I digress.  The resulting lovely white yarn is very soft!  I enjoy the variety of types we have in our keeps spinning interesting!

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  1. Gorgeous. Yarn, barn, and thoughts. Have a great day. Looks like the fall colors are beautiful there too. :)