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Thursday, April 18, 2013


Hedwig came to us from the Luce County Animals Shelter in 2001,
where she was abandoned as a youngish cat.  
We got her soon after the death of our big fat fluffy Aggie who was an endearing calico lap cat, who loved to sneeze thick green cat snot on the walls and legs of the table.
I was hoping to get another lap cat, and I was disappointed, because that was not Hedwig's way.

 Lila and Hedwig both at crawling stage

Both of them always liked boxes!

 Hedwig loved to lay on top of everything; backpacks....

Nice clean carded wool....

Imported expensive wool....

 Sometimes it is good to be inside too.

I learned to love Hedwig, not because she was always underfoot and on my lap but because she was always there...somewhere where you least expected it (though it was easy to guess where she was if wool was out!)

Hedwig liked to sit on the bathroom scale.  She was ten pounds for a very long time, until she started to have renal failure and slowly began to lose weight.  

We thought a couple of weeks ago she was on her way out, but she rallied and got really excited about some new canned cat food.  She was fussy so she ate whatever she wanted, including the occasional dab of ice cream and turkey cotto salami.  She loved to clean out everyone's ice cream bowl!

Hedwig collapsed on Wednesday evening and I held her throughout the night so she wouldn't die alone. 
 She purred while I held her and when the kids gave her pats and kisses goodnight.  She didn't want to go though and after a few seizures at night she could only move her eyes but refused to die.  She and I went to our local vet where she was finally put out of her misery...and I was able to hold her the entire time.
She will always hold a special place in our memories, this cat who captured our aching hearts.

Sam has a funeral planned for spring...
he wants her to be buried under an apple tree so the blossoms can fall on top of her.


  1. What a sweet, sad story. Hugs to all of you!

  2. So sorry to read this. She was beautiful and obviously had a loving home with your family. How loving of you to be with her through the end. It's so hard but the last thing we can do for them. Sweet funeral/burial plans.

  3. Sweet and sad. Hedwig had a good life in a loving home. And even her death brings out human tenderness. Apple blossoms for eternity, a sweet and beautiful adornment for one's grave. Love to you all.

  4. SO sad. Sorry for your loss of a beautiful family member.

  5. I'm so sorry. It is always so hard to let our beloved pets go even when we know it's their time. She'll live on in your memories and wonderful photos.

  6. Thank you ladies. We had a condolence card from the vet that set me all to weeping again today. Sheesh.

  7. Really sad to read about Hedwig's passing, but enchanted by the plan to have her rest under a blanket of blossoms each spring. I'm glad you were able to be with her until the end. XO

  8. It's so hard to lose our beloved animal companions. I'm very sorry for your aching hearts, but be comforted by the wonderful home you gave this abandoned shelter cat.

    Nancy in Iowa

  9. Cherish your memories of Hedwig & be blessed as you gave one of God's creatures "paradise on earth."So loving of you to stay with her. Bittersweet--I know, I've been there & have no regrets.

  10. Hedwig was a very dear and gentle creature. And so soft. She never once attacked a visiting auntie. I love the pictures of her with Lila, babies together. And the funeral plan is just perfect. Leave it to Sam to come up with the right plan. So sad that those we love so much have such abbreviated lives. Au revoir, Hedwig, lost to this world, but living in the hearts of your humans forever. Hugs to you and the family you left behind.