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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Back to "Normal"

Ginger came home on Satuday and life is slowly getting back to "normal" for him. He has a new expensive canned food diet which he isn't overfond of and some narcotics I had to sign my life away for which he also doesn't like. He does however appreciate getting back to work on his naps in the green chair.
He has been working hard to perfect these naps and over time I'm sure he with have it pegged.
After all, if you bother to do something you should give it your all.
"Bugger off and leave me alone! Quit following me to the litterbox to see if I've peed!
And WHERE are my crunchy cat kibbles???"


  1. Glad he's home. Would it help to filter his water too?

  2. Isn't ash the big culprit?? So glad to see him feeling better!! The kids must be happy.
    love from Maine,

  3. So happy to see him home and recovering. I so hear what you are saying about the food; I finally came to realize buying the correct food is cheaper than the vet/hospital bills. I must be doomed to have male cats with urinary tract/crystals issues. The canned food is also the best because it gets more water into them which is so important in all cats. Best wishes for his continued improvement.