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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The grass is always greener.....

....when there isn't snow.
I've been reading about everyone roto-tilling their gardens and seeing photos of sheep grazing on green grass with lambs frolicking so thought I'd give you our stark reality.
You can see that we have made some melting progress; in fact there was even more ground showing last week until we received another eight inches of the stuff which has agonizingly slowly melted. There is an average of about 18 inches left out there. The sheep maternity ward has the largest bare spot because we shoveled that area out in order to get them in there. Most of what looks like bare ground where the alpacas and other assorted woolies are is waste hay and some of the material that was removed from the barn so we could get more hay in the back.
Speaking of hay, the Hay Guy delivered 200 of the 300 bales he promised us. I've left messages about the other 100 bales but haven't heard back so we may be winging it in a couple of months. I'm hoping for an early hay season this year. What he brought us is passable feed, but not the best which was hardly to be expected right now. The alpaca shearer is scheduled to come out May 10th....I hope the snow is gone by then.


  1. It's hot, dry and dusty here already. I'd LOVE to be in your shoes. Well, maybe not the hay part... ;-).

  2. It has been a long winter, hasn't it? We actually just had 2 days of lovely, warm Spring weather here in SW Iowa, but a vicious, strong, wind and rain storm blew in last night. The wind was so loud I couldn't sleep...and now we're supposed to get snow showers tomorrow and Thursday. I wonder if it will ever end? At least we shouldn't get any heavy snowfalls dumped on us now. Good luck with your hay and melting snow.

    Nancy in Iowa

  3. It was 79 with a hot wind today. I hate it. Sorry you still have so much snow. I was up at Drummond one year on Memorial Day and it snowed.