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Friday, December 21, 2012

Yule 2012

This years holiday storm left us with about 10 inches of snow that blew and whirled around the yard scouring down to nothing on the ground and then drifting to two feet in other places. Made for some exciting, and somewhat longer morning chores as we had to shovel our way to each critters abode.

But, now it is evening and before the sun went down, as is traditional, the Yule log was lit. We save a bit from the previous years log to start the new one. This year we have three extra 12 year old girls here who are helping to celebrate the wee Wren's birthday which is Sunday. There has been lots of giggling. We are eating Friday night pizza and watching "the Grinch" (new version).

After the girls go home and our own wee ones are tucked into bed, Will and I will share a glass of handcrafted mead made by a dear friend (if we can manage to stay awake that long). We will have to get up on occasion after retiring to bed to tend the fire to ensure it doesn't go out, so that on this, the longest night of the year, we will retain a little bit of light to get us through to the Winter Solstice to tomorrow the shortest day.



  1. I love this tradition. Kisses to the Little Wren... who is so very, very beautiful.

  2. What a wonderful tradition! Just beautiful :-).